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The God Centered Church: The Sovereignty of God in Evangelism, Part 2, Acts 13:44-52

Suffering and trials can be a reason for joy in the Holy Spirit. The disciples’ spiritual encounter with the source of all meaning brought them joy in spite of the suffering. As Christians, we need to trust God in trials and rest in his sovereignty.

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How God Centered Is Your Life?

Dr. Josh Moody shares a fresh vision for a biblical outlook for your life.

Opening Our Eyes to the Heavenly Reality

A Word from Josh

When you hear the words “heavenly places,” what comes to mind? Clouds, angels, a place to go when you die? The heavenly realm is not merely a future reality. It’s an unseen realm around us right now.

The book of Ephesians is a powerful message for today’s culture. In our series this month, The Heavenly Places, we see that the Apostle Paul’s aim is to open our eyes to the heavenly—or spiritual—reality that’s around us, for our encouragement.

Writing from prison, Paul urges the Ephesians to focus on the spiritual realm to put their circumstances into a different context. The Ephesians faced challenges on the spiritual and political front, and they had seen Paul persecuted right in front of them. Paul reminds them of the true, sustaining heavenly power they have in the gospel.


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