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Get Over Yourself: No Willpower, Part 2

Christians are not to be pushovers; Jesus said to turn the other cheek, but He did not say to grin and bear it. The solution is inside—it’s determining in the quiet of your soul that if you never get that promotion, what really matters is that you’ve loved Jesus and your neighbor.

God Uses Unlikely Heroes

A Word from Josh

Sometimes we get so focused on our flaws and shortcomings that we think God could never use us. But Scripture is full of people God used in spite of their failings, as we are seeing in this month’s series from the book of Judges.

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Our messages this month center on the theme, “Get Over Yourself.” After Joshua’s death, the Israelites are floundering in their efforts to conquer the Promised Land. God has told them, “I will give you your heart’s desire if you will keep my covenant.” Sadly, they repeatedly forget His steadfast love, mercy, and provision and stubbornly refuse to give up their own wicked ways (see 2:18-19).

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